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Bitcoin (BTC) is set to break above $7,000 on Monday, potentially triggering a violent move towards $10,000 as it gets supported by the positive technical indicators. Market visualization from Coin360 Data from Bitstamp shows a massive volume surge after Bitcoin’s weekly candle closed at $6,982, which marks a nearly six percent increase from $6,282 at the time of publication. This brings the seven-day average up to $6,801, with $6,727 recorded on Sunday and $6,879 on Saturday. Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Bitstamp The cryptocurrency is trading as high as $7,005, according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin is up just below two percent in the past 24 hours to press time. Bitcoin price since January 1. Source: CoinMarketCap The latest significant move up will likely signal a long-awaited bullish reversal of the market. Bitcoin already gained back more than 80 percent from its all-time low of $3,040 in late-December, as analysts pointed to the late-January high of $6,500 as the resistance line the market needs to break past. But the price is still $1,000 off that record high and still recovering from the brutal bear market that saw prices down by as much as 75 percent from December 2017 highs. According to the technical indicators, the market has so far been on a bullish slope, with three-and-a-half days of consecutive green candles and a massive weekly volume surge. Meanwhile, two widely-followed technical analysts from Tradingview have made two bullish predictions to $10,000 this year. Bitcoin is now in the same league as precious metals as its value per troy ounce surpasses the $1,200-mark, with analysts at Société Générale estimating its value at around $2,000 per bitcoin by 2021. In a more controversial prediction, prominent analyst Brian Kelly – CEO of Irish asset management firm BKCM – said the price could even surpass gold, hitting $100,000 in the next five years.Q: Meaning of "of" in a sentence I came across a sentence: The PLSQ is not presented in the same order as in ERC, and we use the term




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Tamanna Hot Songs Hd 1080p In Badrinath Film vanyev

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